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Sweet Candy Boom is a super sweet and addictive match-3 puzzle game. Help the little fox find his way through the woods by destroying the dangerous candy towers. At every level, you have to destroy specific types of candy to get to the end and win the gold medal. That means that you need to destroy all candies with a specific characteristic - they might be blue, striped, or even have wings. They also might be hidden in ice cubes or locked in it's your task to figure it

This game is a fantastic puzzle game and a clicker that will bring you lots of joy. You just have to tap or click on the sweet candies to remove them and make room for new ones. There are different challenges at every level, so you better keep your eyes peeled and think ahead before making each move. Your ultimate goal is to crush all the sweets on each level as fast as possible and with the fewest number of moves. Are you ready to take on this exciting challenge? Let’s

This one is a brand new puzzle game for you to challenge your brain and have fun at the same time! In this game, you will need to combine at least 3 same-colored sweets in a square to get them to disappear. There are so many different puzzles for you to solve, and each level has its own challenges that you need to overcome. Do you think that sounds exciting? Let’s start playing

This one is a very sweet match-3 puzzle game. Click to combine and blast candy, collect as many sweets as you can, and reach the target score before time runs out! This classic matching game features different types of candies and bombs that will help you with your challenging journey. Make sure to check under the “Help” menu in case you get stuck

Sweet Candy Boom is a fun and addictive match-3 puzzle game with over 200 challenging levels, rewarding gameplay, and an adorable candy theme. You will help the little gingerbread man find his sweets by breaking the ice blocks and solving the puzzles. This is a perfect time killer for all ages! Try it out

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Using Mouse

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