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If you like Clicker genre games, then you will love Planet Clicker. It’s a new incremental game that blends the classic gameplay of Clicker games with elements from other genres such as arcade, simulation and even farming simulators! You are a space guardian tasked with protecting endangered animals from being hunted and eaten by humans. With the help of your trusty mouse, you can click on any plant or animal in the world to “call it home”. Protecting endangered plants and animals has never been so easy before! Just move your mouse cursor over their image, press the left button and watch them come running towards your cursor. Now all you need to do is keep clicking similar type endangered animals until they are all clicked safely into your spaceship. The more endangered animals you protect at once, the higher your score will

Planet Clicker is an arcade game where you explore planets for resources, construct buildings and train animals to produce resources faster. The resources you find can be used to upgrade your space station, unlock new technologies, research upgrades and buy more zerocats to unlock more buildings. In the end, you must build a Space Station in order to win! You are a manager of space station that controls alien rovers that explore the planets for resources. The game is simple: Explore each planet and uncover its secrets by finding Resources and Buildings. Then use those Resources to construct buildings on your space station. Be sure not to destroy anything or else aliens won’t like it! Develop your strategy by unlocking new technologies and researching upgrades on your space

In this Unity3d game, You are the leader of an alien space race. Your mission is to build a space station, which will be your base and source of resources for future expeditions. The game has several alien races that you can conquer by building military stations near them. Each time you conquer an alien race, you unlock new technologies that improve your leaders skills along with other benefits such as resources from them or their technology. The goal is to conquer all of the different alien races before they build a military station against you and outsmart you at your own game. This strategy clicker game helps you set up a strong base so that future expeditions are more successful than the previous

The Planet Clicker is a unique, addictive and challenging game. In this game you are the manager of a space farm. You need to care for your space farm by making sure it has the resources it needs to produce food, export goods and expand throughout the galaxy. It’s an adventure every time you play because everything is different from planet to planet. You can expect different challenges, enemies and bonuses based on which planet you explore

A planet-wide clicker game where you manage a small space outpost. Explore the various planets and unlock new technologies to become stronger than before. - Grow from a small space station to a fully-fledged galactic empire, with dozens of upgrades and unlocking various schemes that can expand your base further! Small space station? Big Empire? It's up to

How to play

Controls • Use mouse to play

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