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Matching shapes isn’t just a childhood game. It’s physics and geometry at work, with every match involving an algorithm that takes into account the natural laws of shape matching. The rules are simple: two objects are compared by their shape and size. If they have the same shape and size then they’re identical; if not, they’re different shapes and sizes. This sounds a little strange when you first hear it, but once you get used to it, it makes perfect sense. You might have already known about shape matching from your childhood days playing Operation on Flo or Color by Number, but now you can explore this concept in a whole new way using HTML5 games and JavaScript

Move the shape blocks so that they collide with another block that has the same shape to remove both of them. To complete this task with the fewest possible moves, please. If you slide a block more than once, you lose 10 points for each move. Eliminating a block is worth 100 points, but sliding it more than once costs you 10 points each time. To complete a level, you must remove all of the obstacles. This game includes a total of 24 difficult levels to play through.

How to play

Using mouse

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