About Kick The Zombie

Wanna play real quick? Kick The Zombie is a fast-paced arcade game where you don’t have time to think. Your goal is to stab the zombie as many times as possible in 10 seconds or you will be kicked out. Simple right? you find it too easy, no worries, just use the space bar for extra health! but if you find it to hard, no problem, use your mouse and click on him as much as you can! Have fun and try to last longer than your

If you love playing games and making your friends laugh, then this game is for you! You might not be able to defeat the dead with a spoon, but you can at least scare them with a good old fashioned spooktacular! Control the elements and turn the zombies into slobbering messes of goo with just the swipe of your finger. Best of all, The Walking Dead: Sock It To ‘Em is one of the only games that can legally kickstart your Christmas

It will soon be Halloween. A zombie showed up out of nowhere in the neighbourhood. Kill that dangerous zombie by using your weapons. If you like games where you click on things, this is a great one. Happy Halloween! Now play!

There are 8 different kinds of weapons that you can improve. - Supports both English and Russian - Quick to respond (auto-adapts to any screen sizes) - Good picture quality

How to play

Using mouse

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