About Kick the Buddy

Kick the Buddy brings a dummy with a smiley face for players to torture freely. In addition to throwing, punching, and kicking Buddy, players can also use a variety of other unique and modern weapons to torture this guy, such as grenades, chainsaws, poison injections, or explosive rockets. tong.

In the game, Buddy is the iconic character, shaped like a very cute cloth mannequin.

Not only does it relieve stress, but players also receive money during the process of beating Buddy. With the money earned, players can buy more sophisticated and advanced weapons to continue venting their anger at the Buddy dummy. Kick the Buddy also has a diverse weapon system belonging to many different weapon groups, such as horror, machines, nano weapons, etc. Players can freely choose to torture Buddy.

No matter how much it is destroyed, Buddy can resurrect it. Besides, Buddy won't stand still and be tortured. He will run around on the screen. Players must constantly attack and correct Buddy's position.

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