Juice Production Tycoon

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About Juice Production Tycoon

Juice Production Tycoon is an incremental clicker game where you chop fruits to earn money. You can upgrade your production line for more exotic fruits and better equipment with the money you earn.

How to play

Click fruit to make money and upgrade your game. In Juice Production Tycoon, this is the never-ending cycle. You'll notice a giant golden apple every now and then; click it to watch an ad and earn a reward.

Fruit chopping
At start, the quickest way to make money is to click on the falling apples quickly. This will provide you with the necessary funds to begin purchasing improvements. You can leave the rest to the blade, which improves with each advancement. Blade speed, damage, fruit types, and other aspects of the juicer can all be upgraded.

Production of Juice
You'll be able to use the juicer if you've purchased enough upgrades to earn $1,000. You'll find various new enhancements here, and to earn money, you'll have to sell the fruit yourself. Conveyor speed, glass capacity, and other features have all been improved in the juicer.

You can unlock jam making and use the remainder of the squeezed fruit once you've mastered the juicer. As you may expect, there are a few upgrades here as well.

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