Idle Mining Empire

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About Idle Mining Empire

An idle game called Idle Mining Empire is fun to play. You have to build a mining world by hiring miners and making money from resources.

This game allows you to immerse yourself in a peaceful mining world and build an empire according to your taste. In Idle Mining Empire, you are the setter, creator, and manager. Come to this idle game and enjoy it!

Your mission is to make money by mining underground and transporting resources to a market for sale. At first, you can mine slowly with a mining chain and a miner. However, after a while working, you can raise your empire by using the money you earn to hire more workers and build more work lines. Click workers to control how they work. Elevator: Take the resources to the warehouse and make money for you.

Besides, you can also hire line managers for employees to work automatically. Moreover, you can upgrade the levels of your mining chain and your manager to mine more resources at once. This innovation also helps you work faster and more efficiently.

Idle Mining Empire is available on both PC and mobile devices. You can easily search for and play the game on Come here and experience it!

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