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Fruit Link is a new take on the classic match-3 puzzle formula! The game combines the classic Match-3 gameplay with an adventurous "linker" adventure. The game takes place in a fantasy world where you play as a young witch apprentice who has to prove her worth by exploring the land, helping villagers, and solving puzzles. As you progress through your adventures, you will encounter many monsters that can be defeated and captured by linking three or more of the same fruit together! Capture them all and become the most powerful witch in the

This game is super fun and challenging puzzle game with an arcade flavor. The rules are simple, you have to link the fruits as fast as possible! As you progress, the difficulty increases and it gets really challenging. Get ready for this awesome adventure with lots of fruity puzzles! Stay tuned for new missions every week and compete with your friends to see who can get the highest

This amazing game is a simple and fun puzzle game with an original concept and challenging gameplay. Your task is to connect the same fruits by drawing lines or linking them with your mouse. Sounds easy, right? Well, think again! This game will test your logic, patience, and observation skills to the limit! And remember: red pandas love apples and

This amazing game is an easy and fast-paced puzzle game. You connect fruits or trees of the same kind by drawing a path between them. You can also link fruits from different trees! This is a perfect challenge for your brain during boring car rides, school breaks, or any unoccupied time you may have. Be prepared to be

Fruit Link is a fun puzzle adventure game that challenges you to link fruits of the same type by drawing lines between them. Do you have what it takes to beat all levels and be the best? Prove it and get the top spot on

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Using mouse

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