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In Fruit Candy Milk, you have to match 3 or more same colored fruits. Match all the same type of fruit to eliminate them from the board. The player with the most number of fruits on their side

Fruit Candy is a new match 3 puzzle game which is developed by It is an offline match 3 puzzle game where you have to connect similar colored fruits to make matches of 3 or more same colored fruits. The objective of the game is to clear the board by making matches of similar colored gems. You can also use boosters and power-ups to solve the puzzle faster and get more points for easier completion of level. If you are bored with ordinary match 3 games, then you will love this one as it has interesting levels and varying difficulty in each level thereby keeping you hooked for long hours. The player starts playing with 10 lives, but can gain extra lives by completing specific objectives in each level such as making a certain amount of matches, clearing a set number of rows or columns, beating a boss at the end of the level etc. There are almost 200 challenging levels in total and there are different types such as Classic, Time Trial, Explorer and Ghost mode etc. The game has interesting themes like Fruit Candy Matching, Candy Matching etc which makes it even more attractive to play on Android phone or tablet devices. Give it a try!

Fruit Candy is a new match 3 game with amazing graphics and interesting gameplay. In this game you have to connect 3 or more same fruits in one line to score points. The player has to slide the matching pieces to form a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of three or more same fruits. The player must also take care of the candy as it will disappear if the player fails to make a match within the time limit. • 25 types of unique and awesome fruit characters • Lovely cartoon graphics and simple but challenging gameplay • Easy draggable pieces for an intuitive gameplay • No running out of time in each round as there are only limited moves available each time. This makes it easy for players of all levels to enjoy the game without being overwhelmed by its

Fruit Candy is a new matching puzzle game from developers at Jelly Green Games. Enjoy our first person Puzzler with tons of different levels, inticing puzzles and challenging gameplay. In the game you need to match 3 or more Fruits in short time. It doesn’t matter if there are mixed types of fruits or not. Be attentive and think about your next move because every wrong move will cost you some lives. Match at least 3 same Fruit to make them disappear! Get 30 points per matched fruit, get 300pts then next level. If you can’t see the Fruits, it means they are mixed up somewhere on screen. It costs you 5 points for each wrong connected pair of Fruits so be careful not to waste your precious

Milk Connect is a brand new match-3 game. Match up 3 or more same fruits to Convert them into One special Fruit Candy in this Puzzle Game for Android. There are total 26 types of Fruits and each has their own special candy. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock more special fruits to convert. How many can you

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