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Animals are trapped, hunted, or farmed in conditions that would make most people cry. But what if you could change things? What if you had control over the fate of animals from the moment they were born to the day of their slaughter? Welcome to Farm Clicker! In this video game you take on the role of the farmer and responsibility for raising a herd of farm animals. You can build hen houses, feed them and increase their productivity by spending coins and unlocking upgrades. Or you can sell them for gold whenever you wish. You start with a few chickens, sheep and cows and unlock new species as you progress through levels. Unlocking more species means having more resources to unlock more buildings so your new animals will benefit from everything that a modern farm should have. You don't want to be confined to one type of animal

Farmer Go Blue Farm is looking for farmhands. Each day you can hire new farmhands to help with various tasks. Care for animals, harvest crops, and sell your produce to earn money. Expand your farm and unlock new animals, fields, and buildings to grow more food or earn more money! Use strategy and resourcefulness to make the best choices in order to become the top farmer in this fast-paced farming simulation game! Grow beautiful farms and crops while expanding your business as you proceed through 40 different levels. In addition, there are numerous achievements that you can unlock by achieving certain conditions such as keeping a certain amount of cash at the end of the day, maintaining a high reputation amongst your neighbors, or making sure that every single animal on your farm has been named at least

Farmer Sim is a farming simulator games for your Android, It’s a game based on real life farming. You have to manage your farm and try to produce goods as much as you can while keeping your expenses at the lowest possible level. To achieve this, you need to hire help such as farmer assistants and agricultural workers. You start with one acre of land in which you grow crops such as strawberries, potatoes, tomatoes and apples. Over time, you upgrade your land so that it becomes more suitable for farming. As you progress further, you increase your production capacity by building greenhouses or stables. In addition, you may also build storage sheds for purchasing seeds and fertilizers in

Farmers need to grow their farms so that they can produce more goods. The better the farms, the higher the yield and the more products your farm will be able to produce. So what’s a farmer to do? Grow crops, add livestock, renovate old barns into greenhouses and more! Take control of your farm by purchasing land, upgrading equipment, hiring workers and building out your holdings. With a little farming know-how you’ll be able to expand your operation in no

Farm Clicker is a farming simulation game in which you manage a small farm. Grow different crops and livestock, buy new farms, collect rent from your tenants and upgrade your tools. Sell your produce to earn money or raise prices to make more profit. Choose your own path and become the master of this small

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Using mouse

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