About Dogeminer 2

Dogeminer 2 is the second part of Dogeminer which is a fun incremental game that stars our beloved canine. It's an idle game inspired by Cookie Clicker. The game's goal is for you to click your way to the moon.

Doge Miner is a fun way to pass the time when you're bored or whatever. It's a game you can play when you don't feel like doing anything and want to spend your time in bed, which is especially useful during a pandemic.

Doge Miner is on a mission to mine his way to the moon, but can you help him? To get him there, you'll need to mine a whopping 50,000,000,000 Dogecoins, which, as he puts it, is "amazing." There are so many coins! As this is an idle game, you can enlist the services of other nice guys. Once you've amassed a little money, you can hire other doge pals to come and perform a lot of mining for the master miner. Simply click away, or have your puppy minions do it for you, because utilizing your pickaxe will get you to the moon far faster.

By building a village, you can create villagers to harvest your output by automating your operations.

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