Ddtank Clicker is an epic strategy game where you manage a team of adorable mini-warriors and upgrade them through dozens of levels in an attempt to defeat the mighty boss at the end of each level. Your ddr monsters are out there, battling other ddr monsters for supremacy. But beware! Your ddr world isn’t entirely safe, either. Other ddr worlds populate this one, and they aren’t friendly… They are home to countless dangers that will do anything they can to destroy your world and everything in it. And if things start looking you have your army to help you out! The more war-gear your army has, the better it will stand up against these adversaries. Luckily, warfare is in your blood! You’ve got a knack for being prepared; it seems that everything that moves gives you ideas on how to make it fight harder and smarter. The same must be said of your soldiers – many of whom were trained from birth specifically for warfare! With so many strengths at your fingertips, you’ll be able to keep fighting powerful enemies with ease until their sheer numbers wear down even the most stalwart of Ddtank Bosses (the final challenge awaiting every This amazing game player). Consider this game much more than just a simple end-level grind – as you complete new levels and battle tougher enemies, you’ll unlock new units with which to strengthen your army even

Clicker is a 2D Clicker game with many fun features. Play as the tank, and get rid of all the invading aliens! Find items to upgrade your tank or call in heavy artillery to take out alien enemies. Unlock new tanks, weapons, perks, and upgrades as you progress through the game. Earn gold by destroying alien tanks or buildings to spend on in-game purchases. Use your tank’s cannon to blast aliens and buildings or use it as a flail to smash obstacles in your path. Catch flying drones with you flail for extra gold rewards. Unlock perks that give bonuses when you have more than one of a certain type of enemy in play at once like having gold more quickly, faster production of blueprints, being able to craft better blueprints from less resources and more opportunities for higher level rewards from higher level enemies. Are you ready for some alien

D D Tank is a complex and captivating strategy game developed by Playtomic for Android. In this game, you take the role of an alien commander who has been stranded on the D D Tank base. You must guide your alien race to conquer the other tanks on the base and eventually, lead them to victory! In order to do so, you will need to build all of the different types of tanks, upgrade their stats, and then send them out on missions against other tank bases in different locations. To aid you with your tasks and make things a little easier, you can purchase additional resources with your spare cash every day by tapping on the shop icon at the top right of the main map screen. Once you’ve earned enough cash from completing various missions or defeating enemies in battle, you can use it to expand your base thus providing more space for building new tanks at

This game is a new addictive game that you should try. The game is available for both Android as well as iOS devices and it offers you to play as an adorable little tank. Just like every other good game, This amazing game also has several awesome in-game upgrades for you to purchase using the gold coins that are won by playing the game. Another great thing about this game is that your progress is shared across all of your devices making it easy for you to carry on from where you left off on another of your mobile devices whenever you have a spare moment. In Dddtank clicker, people who love video games will fall in love with it

Ddtank Clicker is an unique strategy game. You take the role of a small pet and your task is to take care of it. Get resources by tapping on the plants or by fishing in the lake. Use those resources to build your own defense system and destroy your enemies with different weapons you will unlock as you progress in the game. Unlock new characters and new worlds as you play more and more levels for This game. What's New in This amazing game version - NEW CHARACTERS! - Added option to save images from screenshots - Added Gamecenter support Thanks for

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