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In this game you will play as a cute little cookie named Rush. Rush is an adorable little cookie who loves to explore new places and meet all sorts of new people. One day, while exploring a mysterious forest, Rush stumbles upon a strange machine. Curious to see what it does, he presses the button and out Rush! In this fast-paced match 3 game, you will help Cookie rush collect as many cookies as possible while avoiding enemies and collecting golden tickets that have hidden surprises inside them. Collect enough golden tickets by matching at least three cookies of the same type to earn extra lives! Earn more lives by playing through the levels again or using Lives gained from Friend Requests (Send Lives). But don’t forget to use your extra lives wisely or you might get caught in an endless cycle of dying! Fortunately for you, Cookie has a special superpower that she can only unlock when she eats a Golden Cookie! With the Gold Cookie activated, her super power is something that even most superheroes would envy – SUPER EATING

Match 3 games have been around since the ancient world. Games like Othello, Go, and Sotto are all variations of the same simple game: pairing matching tiles. The first casual game was created in 2010 by Halfbrick Studios known for Fruit Ninja. Their game called Cookie Jam became an instant hit and is the most popular match 3 game ever made. Since then there have been hundreds of other casual games that have been released, some good and some bad but all of them trying to capitalize on this one idea: create mobile games that are easy to play and fun. There are many different genres of match 3 games but most fall under two categories: tile matching or strategy games. In tile matching you use a limited number of moves to clear all pieces from the board before you get blocked off with no more moves left. The majority of these games require luck to win as there are only set number of combinations possible from a standard deck of playing cards so if your draw is poor or if your opponent draws better it will catch up with you sooner than

The usual order for a cookie delivery has been the same for years. Each day, three sets of customers arrive at the bakery to place orders for their treats. Paddling through these orders is difficult; after all, there are so many different kinds of cookies! To deal with the frequent chaos and keep everyone happy, the bakery has created a new system that helps customers get exactly what they want while keeping the shop running smoothly. The player takes on the role of a baking assistant working in a sweets shop. They must use match-3 style logic to make sure all orders are completed in time by matching 3 or more sweets together in each level. Matching more sweets unlocks further levels until it is time to restock and repeat the process again. Reason why you should play: - Easy to learn but challenging gameplay - Innovative match-3 gameplay with various levels - A charming match 3 candy world - Endless replay value with dozens of levels available via In App

Super Cookie Rush is a match-3 puzzle game with an exciting new take on the classic match-3 genre. In this new mobile game for Android, iPhone, iPad and Facebook players can join the cookie race to collect as many cookies as possible. Match 3 or more same colored cookies to score points! Match at least 2 of the same color in horizontal or vertical lines to clear them from the board. When you match 3 or more same colored candies they will disappear from the board, set off chain reactions and make them reappear in other rows automatically. Clear all coloured candies to advance to next level and collect more bonus points along the way. As you progress through levels new types of cookies will appear trying to block your path and keep you away from their sweet little morsels. You must use all your strategical skills and quick wit to get past each level without getting trapped or falling into traps

This is the Candy Crush Saga Game for Android, iOS, Facebook and Windows Phone! Discover more saga games here! They say the sweetest thing in the world is a tasty piece of candy. Now imagine if that candy was as delicious as a chocolate covered cherry or strawberry. Now that would be the ultimate treat! In case you’ve never played before, this is a match-three game where you line up similar sweets to make them disappear. The more quickly you tap on adjacent sweets, the more points you earn. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right away though; new combinations appear every time you advance a level in this popular game series. Play hypercasual games anytime, anywhere with Candy Crush Soda Saga You can now play Candy Crush Soda Saga wherever you go as long as you have access to an internet connection. Just install the app on your Android mobile device or tablet and start

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