About Cookie Baker

Cookie Baker is a cute simulation game with lovely graphics and relaxing music. You can play This game by tapping on the screen to help the cookie get out of a box. The more you tap, the faster the cookie will get out of the box. In this fun game, you need to help This one release himself from a wooden box by pressing on it as fast as you can. You also have to make sure that he doesn’t touch anything else while he’s getting out because if he does, then he’ll start rolling again and that would mean starting all over again! This might be easy for some people, but others could find it quite challenging. You need good reflexes and quick reactions in this

A This one is a girl who loves baking delicious cookies. Help her in collecting the ingredients and reach the oven as soon as possible to bake more cookies! Along the way, collect more chocolate chips, make sure you don’t miss any of the items, and ensure that you don’t run out of gas. The game has easy and hard mode. In easy mode, there are only three ingredients to collect but in hard mode, there are six ingredients to collect and you need to reach them as soon as possible. The difficulty level also changes with each new level so you might want to play on Easy first until you get used to

Cookie Baker is a physics-based casual game where you move Cookie around the room to collect as many cookies as possible. You’ll need to plan ahead and use your brain in order to maximize your score while minimizing any injuries your character might incur. Additionally, there will be various obstacles that you’ll need to carefully consider before moving onward. If you like games such as Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, then this is a perfect one for

This game is a new girl at the school and she has so many exciting things to do. Join Cookie as she discovers her secret talent for baking delicious cookies! Fill up your kitchen with different fruits, spices, and chocolate chips to create delicious cookie recipes. Bake beautiful cookies and cut them into perfect shapes in this fun game for

How to play

Use your mouse to play.


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