About Clicker Heroes

The game Clicker Heroes is a lot of fun. Although the game is free, microtransactions can be used to purchase "rubs," an in-game currency. This currency is not essential to advance in the game; nonetheless, it has been a long time since the game was released, and many of the game mechanics revolve around acquiring premium in-game cash.
The player in Clicker Heroes must battle adversaries and a variety of mythical animals by clicking on them to deal damage and eventually kill them. Enemies will drop gold when killed, which can be used to upgrade and purchase characters. Characters that have been purchased will automatically attack adversaries, boosting the player's overall damage per second. The player is not need to do anything in order for the game to run. To advance to the next level, the player must destroy ten monsters in each level.
To assist you in slaying monsters faster, earning gold, strengthening your heroes, and unlocking satisfying new abilities.

How to play Cookie Cliker

Click on the creatures to slay them and get their riches.

Use your gold to recruit additional heroes and boost your damage output.

The more damage you deal, the more gold you'll receive.

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