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This is a classic puzzle game with a twist. You will need to strategically place the fruits to connect them and make complete sequences. Sounds easy? Prove

Get ready for another epic match 3 adventure with the cutest little sweets! In Candy Connect 3 you have to combine like-colored sweets and break the sugar cubes to make them disappear. Play this exciting game and have a blast crushing puzzles and beating challenging levels. If you like sweet, juicy, and fruity challenges, then this is your perfect match 3 game. This time not only do you have to make matches but also combine three or more of the same candy to make them burst. Combining candies will give you special powers that can help in difficult situations and also give you special points at the end of each level. So let’s get cracking on these yummy

Cute little red pandas are having a picnic in their Candyland and they want you to join them! But it’s not going to be as easy as you think. You see, the pandas have hidden their favorite fruits all around the forest and they can’t find them – that means they need your help! In this puzzle game, your mission is to find those yummy red fruits hidden among the green leaves by connecting the dots. Sounds challenging? Well, get ready then because it’s time for you to start connecting three or more identical fruits and blast them away. Sounds fun, right? So what are you waiting for? Unleash your puzzle-solving skills and connect those red pandas

Welcome to the magical world of Candy Land! Help out in the EGCandyFarm and get rid of those pesky gummy bears by connecting them with their counterparts. In this fruit puzzle game, you can help the critters in EGCandyFarm. They have been collecting red apples, green oranges, and purple pandas. However, during the last storm, all these fruits got mixed up. Now they need your help to sort them out

Do you have a sweet tooth? Test your candy-crushing skills with this awesome Connect 3 puzzle

How to play

Using mouse

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