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Candy Clicker is an idle clicker game. There are many similar games but they all have their own styles. The goal of the game is to idle, refresh the page and make money as much as you can to buy more upgrades for your farm and for the in-game shop to sell them for cash. You can also buy other farms if you have enough cash. As you progress through levels, new items will be added in the shop so you can earn more money by selling more than one item at a time. The game uses real money or credit to purchase in-app items such as Randall or upgrades to speed up production of refreshment tokens which are needed for hoarding candy or using those candy on your farm. You can play any mode that requires no purchase with just the free version of the game without limitations and ads forever without paying anything to keep playing after finishing your trial period ends if you choose to do

This game is an idle clicker game where you have to click on the bloons to destroy them. The more bloons you destroy in a row, the more rewards you get and the higher your score will get. There are many different types of games like this, but most of them revolve around tapping things for points or completing small missions. In This game you don’t really have a goal at first; instead we are giving you multiple mini goals so that as time goes on, your final goal will be much larger. You can play this game with your friends and help each other achieve those larger goals. Build alliances, share tips and tricks, work together to achieve

This game is a game where you have to manage a virtual factory that produces candies. You will have to hire and train different specialists, buy different machines, harvest different fruits and purchase special ingredients that will increase the quality of your products. You can play Candy Clicker either alone or with other players (hot seat mode). You can also play against the computer by challenging your friends or going for the two player challenge. Make sure you read the in-game Tips section as it will help you understand how to play better and beat your

This game is a free browser game of strategy and adventure where you must help the cute little candy characters to get out of the forest. The goal is simple: reach the end of the level while collecting as many points as possible. Sounds easy? You have to challenge your reflexes and think quickly to be able to succeed more often! The Google Play Rating has given us ideas of improvements, but we know that there’s much more for our game. You can help us by leaving a positive review on Google Play or sharing your thoughts with us on Facebook or

This amazing game is a new kind of match-3 game. The goal is to help the candies reach their home by clicking on locations where they appear. The player can also tackle special bonuses to gain more

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