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Are you ready for some candy? It’s time to put your algorithms and block engineering skills to the test! Candy Blocks, game, candy, 1player, family, blocks, boys Puzzle games are an absolute blast when you’re playing with friends and family. There’s something about getting creative together that makes every game better. Have you ever played Tetris with a group of friends and not been able to finish because someone was eating all the candy before you could get your own turn? Well here’s your chance! You can play this fun puzzle game alone or against another player. Or you can challenge your friends to a high score on the “block-off” mode. Whatever suits your fancy! If you like playing solitaire or have trouble keeping track of your moves in Tetris, then Candy Blocks is the game for

Block Master is a fun and addictive arcade puzzle game. The object of this game is simple: clear the board by arranging colored blocks in specific patterns. Sounds easy, right? Well, that’s because you are not the only one who loves to play this types of games. 

Candy Blocks is an engaging game that may be enjoyed by all members of the household. Score points by making a row of six identical candies! The acquisition of coins and a "sweetie smiling" will be of assistance to you in this endeavour. Attention! The countdown begins after a player has reached 500 points. Spending coins allows you to rotate and change any of the figures that are displayed on the candies that are located at the base of the playing field. Simply hitting the "Plus" button will allow you to obtain additional coins. Have a fantastic time!

Use your finger or the mouse to drag the candy shapes over the chocolate bar in the correct order. Collecting lines will allow you to position the blocks correctly on the chocolate field. If you collect six candies in a row and a column, you will receive 100 points. When you click on the happy face with the heart, a certain section will become available. Attention! The countdown begins after a player has reached 500 points. If you give two coins, the candy figures at the bottom of the screen can be rotated or changed in some other way. You can get more coins by pressing the "+" button if you run out.

How to play

Using mouse

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